Humiliation & Mindfuck

From the book "Dans la Maison des Amazones" (In the House of the Amazons) by Bernard Montorgueil
Illustration by Bernard Montorgueil (from the book “In the Amazon’s House”).

โ€œ There’s nothing either good or bad… but thinking makes it so! โ€

โ€•  Shakespeare
(taken from the blog

Submissives who love humiliation, to feel subdued and disparaged should start worshipping Queen Sensoria at once. While humiliation can be part of several kinks of submission, it takes its most cerebral form in verbal humiliation and mindfuck, both forms at which She excels.

Queen Sensoria is of superior intelligence and verbal belittlement come to Her naturally. The Queen commonly confounds and regales Her interlocutors by the wittiness and the veracity of Her reflections. Only the most subtle of them will see the discreet sarcasm that She expresses more often than not. Being a stellar sapiophile, the Queen uses this stratagem to sort the wheat from the chaff and assert which will be Her favorite prey, and which ones She will have to spare, at their greatest loss…

That said, Queen Sensoria will always play in a consensual way. As mentioned on the website Kinkly

"Your safe word for today is... Otorhinolaryngologist", found meme on a photograph by Charles Guyette
Meme on a photograph by Charles Guyette

“… some couples [Sic: play partners] institute a safe word which can be used to cease the interaction if it goes too far. Some people consider verbal humiliation edgeplay, as it can be risky if the dominant does not completely understand the psyche of their submissive…”

To which She would add smirkingly: “…Or if the submissive does not understand the Dominant’s psyche.” Defining the territories that can be covered in the humiliation scene is a key part of the prior negociation. Those territories could be in their service, work, physique, knowledge in some fields, etc. The style of humiliation She enjoys goes from whispering, lightly devising and joking to womensplaining, man-handling, talking angrily, shouting, yelling and growling. All of those can be used to achieve a submissive state of mind.

All the while a humiliation session, Queen Sensoria likes to be foot-worshipped, foot massaged, boot-licked and serviced to add to the feeling of humiliation and debasement. She also enjoys objectifying the submissive to intensify the scene, using them as a foot rest, chair, floor mat or ashtray.

As for all kinks, Queen Sensoria practices humiliation in a non-sexual way. That said, everyone knows that not being able to seek sexual release can be seen as a sexual act in and of itself, as the Queen also finds a lot more pleasure in humiliating submissives than in pretending She cares about their genitals. Due to Her rank and class, Queen Sensoria will never use ethnic or racial slurs in her verbal degradation. Also, as She believes feminization is not a source of humiliation but rather a great privilege, She will rarely uses sissification terms for deprecation.

Interesting articles


Impact-play, Spanking and Flagellation

“Treat them mean, keep them keen. “

(English proverb)
18th century depiction of flagellation
“Flagellation / L’Agneau”, engraving by John June, England, 1752.
Queen Sensoria Whipping

Impact play, spanking, flagellation, all music to Queen Sensoria‘s ears. These terms, as well as many others, are all used to describe the art of hitting well.

More precise to the tool in use are the terms whipping, belting, flogging, paddling, caning, single-tailing and cropping; and to the part that is hits are spanking (buttocks) and slapping (face).

Over-the-knee spanking is also a common practice, as well as hairbrush spanking . Those 2 practices have a a charm of olden days about them that adds an interesting psychological aspect for some.

Queen Sensoria likes to build up a certain resistance in her subs, so She can have her fun with them. She likes to start with lighter tools, misleading them into thinking it’s going to be too easy for them to feel any pain… She also likes to keep hand-spanking for the end as the feel of her royal touch is always special to her subs.

Various impact tools (Source: Biblioteca Rector Machado y Nuรฑez)
Various impact tools: 1. For the war (16th century) ; 2. On the train; 3. For the coachman; 4. For children. (Source: Biblioteca Rector Machado y Nuรฑez)

As She generally plays in relatively small spaces, Queen Sensoria loves to go occasionally to a park on a warm sunny day to practice bullwhip cracking.

  • "At Her Command" by Biederer Studio
  • By Studio Ostra
  • By Bernard Montorgueil
  • "Half-naked guy gets whipped by two beautiful women" by Eric Stanton
  • "Blonde male slave gets his ass flogged" by Eric Stanton
  • "Secret garden 1 with Mrs. Weltsova" by Sardax
  • "Secret garden 2 with Mrs. Weltsova" by Sardax
  • "Naked male gets his ass canes over his Mistress knee" by Bill Ward

For more information, here is a list of different impact tools (by Sex Toys Collective) and various concepts related to impact play on Wipipedia (by LondonFetishScene).



“The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain.”

Lord Byron
Drawing by Bernard Montorgueil
Drawing by Bernard Montorgueil

First used to describe the bad habit of serial stabbers in the 18th Century, the term Piquerism has now become known in the BDSM world as a liking for acute and pointy sensations as well as cuts coming from nails, knifes, needles, Wartenberg wheels or any other sharp things.

This niche fetish can go from sensation play to extreme or edge play, by using those pointy tools to run across the body while remaining only skin-deep, or by going extreme thru skin, in the fantasy of reaching true flesh.

Wartenberg wheel
Wartenberg wheel

Queen Sensoria enjoys sharp sensations, which is why she likes to provide them. She first noticed she was often casually researching these kind of sensations by pushing one of her nail under another, creating an acute and sharp sensation. It is by liking this kind of pain that She became good at giving it…

For more info on piquerism, read this article and this one on the Wartenberg wheel. If you want to go extreme, document yourself here first and stay safe…

Queen Sensoria doing nail-play on a sub's back
Queen Sensoria using the Wartenberg wheel on a sub's breast
Queen Sensoria using the Wartenberg wheel between the legs of a sub


Bondage & Restraints

“Some people have to be tied up to be free”

Apostolides, Marianne: The Pleasure of Pain: Find out why one in 10 of us is into S&M. In: Psychology Today, Sept./Oct. 1999.
Man Hooded and Bound, drawing by Harry B
Man Hooded and Bound, drawing by Harry B.

Putting her submissives into rope & chain bondage, metal & leather restreints, or even in “honour bondage”, are all delights for Queen Sensoria. She loves going through the motion of playing with her submissive’s patience and eagerness, restricting them more and more, loosening a knot, retightening another, in such a manner that they cannot tell in what way they will end up, thus playing with their mind… For Her, bondage is a very good introduction to a session, rendering the submissive progressively helpless to her every desires.

With the help of a blindfold, a ballgag and some piece of furniture prohibiting you to go anywhere, Queen Sensoria can best make use of your whole body, take it in charge and make you surrender… With some more extreme restraints, like a straitjacket, a sleep sack or some mummification, She can make you feel the deep state of sensory deprivation that will put you in subspace.

Queen Sensoria also likes to tie up submissives to use them as pieces of furniture: a table, a stool, anything that strikes her fancy and that She can make good use of, of course. This particular kink of hers, called forniphilia, will be discussed on another page.

If you want to practice the feeling on yourself, here is a great free resource to learn how:

Bondage & Restraints on St-Andrews Cross
Rope Bondage by Queen Sensoria

” Studies of men’s sexual fantasies have shown that the fantasy of being bound […] is second in frequency only to the basic fantasy of sex with a voluptuous nude woman “

Wipipedia, Online encyclopaedia of fetish and SM (by The London Fetish Scene).


“Chastity is a difficult, long-term matter; one must wait patiently for it to bear fruit, for the happiness of loving kindness which it must bring.

But at the same time, chastity is the sure way to happiness.”

POPE JOHN PAUL II, Love and Responsibility
Corset against unanism, placed on the subject (Corset contre l’unanisme, placรฉ sur le sujet), PI. X, drawing by Girard, engraving by Adam)

Haaa… chastity, the Greatest virtue of all. Voluntary acts of devotion and surrender are what Queen Sensoria is relinquishing for. It is also what She requires at all times from her submissives.

“A chastised man is a respectful man…”

Funny what such a simple device can bring on a man. Just lock him up and he suddenly becomes the nice little beast he was always meant to be, loving, caring and duly submissive, sensitive to slightest touch and abducted to any attention his Mistress wishes to provide him.

But don’t get mistaken, chastising a man is a serious matter. A few steps are necessary to strip him from his societal veneer. The conditioning (or deconditioning, depending how you see it) steps are to be followed carefully, and can only be made by a professional and thoughtful Mistress like Queen Sensoria. This requires some knowledge of the male nature but providez the Mistress with the best of human toy.

“Wheel of Mis-fortune” by 3D artist EmmaS.

Chastity is the love drug of male submission

He will start yearning your darkest desires, will be begging for impact, consider feet manicure an incredible privilege. It will make the most reluctant of male want to experiment with ruined orgasms. And it’s only the start. Possibilities are endless…

Remember that a Queen hold numerous keys in her Queendom

Step one for the chastity of a benevolent male
Step one for the chastity of a benevolent male
So much better locked up! First 24-hour.
So much better locked up! First 24-hour.