Rates & Tributes

“In the end, it’s not the tributes in your life that count. It’s the sacrifice in your tributes.”

– Abraham Lincoln


For duo session offered in Montreal, here are the positions offered:

  • Servant role : 200 CA$
    Have the chance to serve refreshments and massage and worship Queen Sensoria‘s legs and feet.
  • Subject role : 300 CA$
    Find yourself at the Queen‘s mercy and suffer Her torturous abuses.

Queen Sensoria plays exclusively in duo sessions with Miss Red Rida. The amount of her tribute will be added to the final cost. Note that our prices include dungeon location fee.

The Queen and Miss Red have no care for time-wasters and fantasy texters/bookers. No dates are set until some $$$ are sent.


Don’t ever come empty-handed, as the tribute of a gift is the most suitable way to get a Queen’s attention. Queen Sensoria loves to receive latex, chocolats, gifts and gift certificates:

WishlistGift Card Latex Gift Card

You can also send also Her money directly through Paypal via sensoria.realm-at-gmail-dot-com.

“Rich the treasure, sweet the pleasure, sweet is pleasure after pain.”

β€’ John Dryden