Rates & Tributes

“In the end, it’s not the tributes in your life that count. It’s the sacrifice in your tributes.”

– Abraham Lincoln


Queen Sens-O-ria loves to receive latex, chocolats, gifts and gift certificates:

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If you wish, you can also send also Her money directly through Paypal via sensoria.realm-at-gmail-dot-com.


Sessions during private parties

Ideal for beginner, these sessions allow the players to be around several mistresses and to see various types of play in an intimate setting. For total anonymity you can wear a mask during the session (mask can be provided).

Introductory session150$1,5 hour
1st Regular session250$1,5 hour

Individual private sessions

For experienced and returning players


Regular individual session300$/per hour *
Couple session400$/per hour *
Forced bisexuality500$/per hour *
Edge play600$/per hour *

* Do plan total duration in advance.

And out of Montreal

Regular individual session600$/per hour *
Couple session1000$/per hour *
Forced bisexuality1500$/per hour *
Edge play1600$/per hour *

* Do plan total duration in advance.

“Rich the treasure, sweet the pleasure, sweet is pleasure after pain.”

‒ John Dryden