Queen Sensoria holding a wooden paddle and wearing a black laced catsuit and vinyl corset

I loved your approach.
Very present and attentive and playful… πŸ˜‰
You bondaged me slowly and carefully and I really appreciated to be progressively more and restrained.

β€’  Submissive J.

Thanks you, Mistress.
Your sometimes soft, sometimes spicy touch have triggered my existing points with perfect intensity. The combination of spanking and claw sensations was delectable. Perfect, like you!
I must also tell you that you are wonderful and adorable, Mistress.
Thank you for this flawless evening.

β€’  Submissive S.
Queen Sens-O-ria

Queen Sens-O-ria

I love the word slave…
I don’t know why…
When you tied that collar around my neck, I really felt something like a switch triggered inside me… One which told me that you are now my Mistress.
I think dogs also feel the same after getting their collar.

β€’  Slave S.

A real Mistress for real pleasure…
Giving Her total control of body and mind, be at Her mercy for Her pleasure, and for mine.
I love telling Her without words: take it all, punish me, humiliate me, but let me at your feet. Because i’m yours and under your control.
You are everything, I’m nothing.

❀️ Mistress…

β€’  Submissive F.
Queen Sens-O-ria

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