Impact-play, Spanking and Flagellation

“Treat them mean, keep them keen. “

(English proverb)
18th century depiction of flagellation
“Flagellation / L’Agneau”, engraving by John June, England, 1752.
Queen Sensoria Whipping

Impact play, spanking, flagellation, all music to Queen Sensoria‘s ears. These terms, as well as many others, are all used to describe the art of hitting well.

More precise to the tool in use are the terms whipping, belting, flogging, paddling, caning, single-tailing and cropping; and to the part that is hits are spanking (buttocks) and slapping (face).

Over-the-knee spanking is also a common practice, as well as hairbrush spanking and faceslapping. Those 3 practices have a a charm of olden days about them that adds an interesting psychological aspect for some.

Queen Sensoria likes to build up a certain resistance in her subs, so She can have her fun with them. She likes to start with lighter tools, misleading them into thinking it’s going to be too easy for them to feel any pain… She also likes to keep hand-spanking for the end as the feel of her royal touch is always special to her subs.

Various impact tools (Source: Biblioteca Rector Machado y NuΓ±ez)
Various impact tools: 1. For the war (16th century) ; 2. On the train; 3. For the coachman; 4. For children. (Source: Biblioteca Rector Machado y NuΓ±ez)

As She generally plays in relatively small spaces, Queen Sensoria loves to go occasionally to a park on a warm sunny day to practice bullwhip cracking.

  • "At Her Command" by Biederer Studio
  • By Studio Ostra
  • By Bernard Montorgueil
  • "Half-naked guy gets whipped by two beautiful women" by Eric Stanton
  • "Blonde male slave gets his ass flogged" by Eric Stanton
  • "Secret garden 1 with Mrs. Weltsova" by Sardax
  • "Secret garden 2 with Mrs. Weltsova" by Sardax
  • "Naked male gets his ass canes over his Mistress knee" by Bill Ward

For more information, here is a list of different impact tools (by Sex Toys Collective) and various concepts related to impact play on Wipipedia (by LondonFetishScene).

One reply on “Impact-play, Spanking and Flagellation”

I am seeking an impact play corporal punishment session, I am masochistic and experienced, although my last impact session as a sub was 8 months ago.

I am seeking to be warmed up, and pushed hard, with whips, floggers and canes, and encouraged to push my pain threshhold further than before by a wide margin, and have some heavier marks that arent completely faded in a day or two like ones from my past play sessions.

If you feel you’d be a good fit to help me test and push myself, and

I am in Montreal, and was wondering if a session could be booked in the next 2 weeks.
As I understand a session is $200, how long is that and if I wish to extend what is the tribute.

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