“The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain.”

Lord Byron
Drawing by Bernard Montorgueil
Drawing by Bernard Montorgueil

First used to describe the bad habit of serial stabbers in the 18th Century, the term Piquerism has now become known in the BDSM world as a liking for acute and pointy sensations as well as cuts coming from nails, knifes, needles, Wartenberg wheels or any other sharp things.

This niche fetish can go from sensation play to extreme or edge play, by using those pointy tools to run across the body while remaining only skin-deep, or by going extreme thru skin, in the fantasy of reaching true flesh.

Wartenberg wheel
Wartenberg wheel

Queen Sensoria enjoys sharp sensations, which is why she likes to provide them. She first noticed she was often casually researching these kind of sensations by pushing one of her nail under another, creating an acute and sharp sensation. It is by liking this kind of pain that She became good at giving it…

For more info on piquerism, read this article and this one on the Wartenberg wheel. If you want to go extreme, document yourself here first and stay safe…

Queen Sensoria doing nail-play on a sub's back
Queen Sensoria using the Wartenberg wheel on a sub's breast
Queen Sensoria using the Wartenberg wheel between the legs of a sub

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