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Listen to Her Voice!

πŸ™‰ Beware, sapiophiles! πŸ™‰

Queen Sensoria has launched the audio reading of her favorite books on OnlyFans. Listen to a free sample of the first episode of Venus In Furs in French (her mother tongue):

English versions to come soon!

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Among the next titles are:

  • “VΓ©nus Γ  la fourrure” par / “Venus In Furs” by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch.
  • “Γ‰rotisme du pied et de la chaussure” par / “The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe” by William A. Rossi.
  • “Jeux de chien” par / “Dog Tricks” by Carol Lea Benjamin & Capitaine Arthur J. Haggerty.
  • and many more to come…