Foot Fetish

Martin Van Maele Illustration of a woman kissing another woman's feet
Martin Van Maele, Illustration of a girl kissing a woman’s feet (in La Comtesse au fouet, Paris, 1926).

“Foot fetish, foot partialism, foot worshipping or podophilia,
is a pronounced sexual interest in feet. It is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts.”

– Foot fetishism on Wikipedia

The pleasure that Queen Sensoria receives from foot worship or by having them tickled or malaxed is intense and incomparable to what she gets from any other parts of her body. Foot fetish sends shivers through her spine and a pleasant sense of eeriness to her mind.

Queen Sensoria enjoying a good foot worship

It is what makes her mind best wonder about a world of female supremacy…

Two submissives doing foot fetish to Queen Sensoria

QueenSensoria has always enjoyed being worshipped at her feet. From high above, seeing her submissives lick her boots to the sole, caressing her feet and massaging them is for Her a divine delight that She loves to indulge herself into. For her submissives, it is a reward or a way to come down after an intense session, the foot worshipping allowing them to reflect on their experience, admire and chat with their Queen in a relaxed atmosphere.

The light scent and moisture of Queen Sensoria‘s feet are the object of worship of several foot fetishists. She loves to ravish her submissives with them and know how precious is their perfume.

Foot fetishist sucking on delicious Queen Sensoria's heel

Queen Sensoria indulge into foot, boot and shoe fetish (retifism) and loves to receive foot licking, foot and leg worship and massage of her feet, clean or dirty. Do note that Queen Sensoria never performs foot jobs. On the other hand, she loves trampling and she will give more information about this kink soon in these pages…

Submissives who want to excel in the art of foot worship should also consult this excellent article by The Femdomist on The Submissive Guide, The Art of Foot Worship.

” Foot fetishists are divided into two groups: Those who get sexually aroused by touching or seeing feet, sometimes to the point of orgasm, and those who feel enjoyment from the look and feel of feet. “

– Foot Fetish on Kinkly