Facesitting, Queening & Smothering

Two women sitting on a man's head and upper body, art by Wighead
Two women sitting on someone, one queening them, art by Wighead.

Facesitting, or queening, is the activity of sitting on someone’s face. More precisely, it can be done in various ways, but here is one: the submissive is lying on the floor or a bench and Mistress is positioning herself above their face while keeping some of her weight on her legs to allow for balance and vary the pressure she puts over them.

"Tea time Facesitting", art by Harukawa Namio.
“Tea time Facesitting”, art by Harukawa Namio.

It is only fitting that Queen Sensoria would enjoy that activity. For Her, nothing can replace the feeling of domination that it provides.

It allows the submissive to come as close as possible to the private parts of their Queen while she remains in total control to exert over them the pressure she sees fit. She also has her hands free allowing her for any activity: torturing her subs nipples, strangling them by the neck, reading a book, smoking a cigarette or enjoying a nice glass of cider.

Woman sitting on men's head that are attached to a pillar, art by Harukawa Namio.
Woman sitting on men’s head, art by Harukawa Namio.

This action entails a variety of pleasures for the submissive who goes in partial sensory and breath deprivation (smothering), their mouth, nose and eyes being all taken by the position they find themselves into. Before they know, the beautiful scents of Mistress can infiltrate and mesmerize their whole being. Not being able to see what is happening to them can also be a huge turn-on.

Do note that Queen does not allow for any cunnilingus, nor analingus, but she derives great pleasure in having the power over them and having them at her mercy.

Of course, the use of safewords is converted into signs like tapping on the Mistresse’s thigh and is always available to signal when the facesitting becomes too much of a smothering. Limits are each their own…

Queening can very well be the final venture of some trampling motions, as can be seen below.

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Queen Sensoria queening a submissive